May 13th Webinar

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13TH, 2020 11:00AM-12:00AM ET

COST: $125 PER REGISTRANT - (There is no CLE credit for these webinars.)

Elected officials and others widely use private social media to express positions or opinions on issues related to their elected positions - think tweets and Facebook - to express opinions and invite responses. In a number of recent instances posted responses were removed resulting in lawsuits. Freedom of speech does not change on an electronic platform. This session will review the Court standards applied to the social media sites of public officials and entities and the exposure when deleting posts. The session will also address the standards for employee conduct on social media. The session will be interactive with questions welcomed.

Jonathan Downes, Zashin & Rich
-Fellow in the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers.
-Ohio State Bar Association. Certified Specialist in Labor and Employment Law.
-More than thirty years of experience and expertise in representing public and private
employers in labor and employment law and human resource management. -Negotiated over 500 labor contracts.
-Represents employers in arbitrations, organizing campaigns, and administrative hearings.
-Defends employers in state trial and appellate courts, courts, the Ohio Supreme Court, federal district
courts and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. -Recognized many times over as a subject-matter expert, Jonathan was selected as one of the Top 50 Central Ohio Lawyers of 2015 and every year since 2004 has been named an Ohio “Super Lawyer”.

Complimentary power point slides will be provided to the attendees. TO REGISTER: email the registration form to CYNDIE, at, and copy, or mail it to the OMAA/OML offices (Please mail your $125 check, made out to the OMAA, to the OMAA/OML offices: 175 S. Third St., Suite 510, Columbus, OH 43215.)

Registrants are encouraged to set up for the webinar in a conference room, with a speaker phone and a computer screen, and to invite other city officials to attend. Registrants are encouraged to notify us of the number of participants attending the webinar and if any are from other communities. (This is for our records, only).

We realize that most people will access this webinar from their homes. There is no limit to the number of attendees from each community. The $125 charge is per city/village, no matter how many individuals participate separately. Just let me know the email addresses of those who wish to participate.